Initial Program

Speakers listed below have agreed to present at the meeting

We have initially divided the program into six major themes and have invited a series of speakers to present review papers.  We have also contacted additional invited speakers.

1.       How animals use sound

a.       Echolocation                                                                                    Whitlow Au  

b.       Scene analysis                                                                                Richard Fay

c.        Masking                                                                                             Robert Dooling

d.       Fish vocalizations                                                                            Friedrich Ladich,  Anthony Hawkins

e.       Marine mammal non-echolocation vocalization                       Christopher Clark

 2.       Detection of sound by aquatic organisms

a.       Marine mammals                                                                            Paul Nachtigall, David Kastak, Colleen Reichmuth Kastak

b.       Fish                                                                                                    Olav Sand, Frank Reier Knudsen

c.        Lateral Line                                                                                      Sheryl Coombs,  Joachim Mogdans

d.       Turtles                                                                                               Saroya Bartels

e.       Amphibians                                                                                      Jakob Christensen-Dahlsgaard,   Andreas Elepfandt

f.         Invertebrates                                                                                    To be announced

 3.       Underwater acoustics and ambient noise

a.       Ambient environment                                                                     Douglas Cato

b.       Major natural underwater sound sources                                  Magnus Wahlberg

c.        Sound propagation (inshore)                                                       To be announced

d.       Metrics                                                                                               William Ellison

 4.       Anthropogenic sources (operational and source characterization)

a.       Comparison of underwater sources                                           To be announced

b.       Pile driving                                                                                        Richard Rodkin

c.        Shipping                                                                                            Richard Hazelwood

d.       Wind farms                                                                                       Jakob Tougaard

e.       Seismic air-guns                                                                             To be announced

f.         Sonar                                                                                                 To be announced

 5.       Effects of anthropogenic sound on aquatic animals

a.       Physiological effects, mammals and turtles                             Darlene Ketten,   James Finneran

b.       Behavioral effects on marine mammals                                    Peter Tyack,  Lars Bejder,  Peter Madsen,   Bruce Mate

c.        Effects on fishes                                                                              Arthur Popper,  Svein Loekkeborg

d.       Tissue damage                                                                               Diane Dalecki,  Mardi Hastings

e.       Barotrauma                                                                                      Tom Carlson

f.         Invertebrates                                                                                    Rob McCauley

 6.       Regulation

a.       General issues for regulation                                                       Roger Gentry,  Anthony Hawkins

b.       Creation of human standards                                                      Roger Hamernik

c.        Overview of US regulations                                                           Brandon Southall

d.       Overview of European regulations                                               Mark Tasker

e.       Regulatory compliance in Australia                                             Stephen Cole

f.         Mitigation                                                                                           Charles Greene